A simple and rule-based strategy to invest with

top performing managers who have demonstrated ability to

pick winning stocks and outperform the market today.

So you can win more with less emotional stress.

Theres never been an active investing strategy

Technology is at the core of HedgeMind. We leverage big data analytics and machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze thousands of hedge fund portfolios, which enables us to continuously identify top performing managers and spot winning stocks that have made them so successful.

HedgeMind Color Code enables an extra dimension of data visulization.

Where it applies, buying and selling activities of a stock holder are systematically colored to visualize quarterly shares change.

For example, Warren Buffett initiated a new AAPL position early 2016. This action is shown as

in his portfolio of2016 Q1. He bought more shares in the folowing quarter and the position is colored

in2016 Q2. He sold some shares late 2018 and the position is presented as

Starting from portfolio data visulization, the Color Code is consistently apllied to individual holdings as well as data aggregation in various metrics includingReal-Time InsightConsensus Stock Picks, HedgeMind Sentiment ofStocks, and so on.

Whenever you think of a stock, this is the place to be.

More new buyers indicate potential of future buying power. Hedge funds tend to take a few quarters to build full position because their fund size. Having a top performing manager holding the stock means you join the winning team. They know how to pick winning stocks.

One high conviction holder is often a much stronger indication than a few holders all with small positions.

The key to make money in stocks with HedgeMind Investing strategy is to know who have the ability to spot winning opportunities ahead of the crowd and who are outperforming the market today.

We have analyzed thousands of hedge fund portfolios and have identified a small group of hedge fund managers who have achieved exceptional performances consistently. They represent the top 1% of institutional investors.

If you cant beat the market, join them who can today.

These portfolios are investing books that no money can buy.

Investors can learn a lot about portfolio management and position sizing from these portfolios. From quarterly money flows one can see whether managers put more money to risk or take more out to be cautious of short term. Our analysis shows many of top performing managers tend to build concentrated and conviction-weighted portfolios which hold around 50 stocks and 50% of portfolio in the top 10 holdings.

13D-G filings of hedge funds are a valuable source for uncovering winning stock ideas.

Many stock winners in Stock Ideas were initially discovered from these filings including MDB, SMAR, RARX. Even though most of filings are just noises, it doesnt take much effort to filter them out and uncover amazing investment opportunities.

And more importantly, we made it so easy for you.

Stock Ideas is a showcase of what HedgeMind is really about, investing smart by joining the people who are much better than us.

You can use it as your new training ground by monitoring how each stock performs as time goes. Or you can use it as a source of stock ideas that top performing managers have done the research for you and put significant capital behind the greatest opportunities they have just uncovered.

This is the playground of advanced HedgeMind users. Things you can do:

Find out hedge funds that match the most of your stocks using our new Portfolio Comparison Analyzer Explore thousands of institutional portfolios where emerging hedge funds are yet to be discovered.

* As of 2019-10-31 since the latest 13F report

Our machine learning engine analyzes the latest hedge fund trades and discovers attractive buying opportunities timely for you. We have uncovered many winning stocks since inception of Stock Ideas.