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10 best Trader Joes products for summer snacks, barbecues and more

Ah, summer. The weather is warm and the food is flowing off the shelves of Trader Joes.

The California-based grocery chain known for itstasty prepared items, 19-cent bananas and free samples makes us hungry for school to be out and the barbecues to be in. Before drafting up your next shopping list, be sure to check out our favorite new Trader Joes items as well as some old favorites.

Trader Joes new coleslaw kit uses all organic ingredients and lets people skip the veggie rinsing and chopping. The 10-ounce bag, which costs $2.69, holds a mix of triple-washed red and green cabbage, shredded carrots and a creamy dressing (packaged separately) made with organic egg yolks, expeller-pressed soybean oil, cider vinegar, garlic and some lemon juice for a balanced tang factor.

Just empty the bag into a bowl, toss in the dressing and voil! You have a ready-to-go fixing for barbecued meats and sandwiches.

Show of hands: Who loves saving money by making coffee at home? Who would rather save money by having that cold brew latte alreadymadeat home?

While Trader Joes has sold canned cold-brewed lattes for three years, they made a tropical, vegan version just in time for summer. The 9-ounce can costs $1.99 and is filled with coffee cold-brewed from 100% Brazilian Arabica beans, swirled together with coconut cream. And if youre looking for something a little bit sweeter, it also comes in a caramel spice flavor.

I scream. You cream. We all scream for … mochi! One of the best parts about mochi is that it wont melt off a cone the second its scooped on a 90-degree day, like regular, old ice cream (which we still love). Traders new green tea ice cream flavor isnt overly sweet and is pocketed into convenient, bite-sized rice dough. Each pack is 6.8 ounces and costs $4.49.

Mochi is chewy, cold and tasty, plus it isnt messy. Now thats something to scream about.

Nothing says summer like, well, heat. And Trader Joes is bringing the heat with its new barbecue sauce made with the infamously spicy ghost pepper. This fiery pepper pure is blended with pineapple juice concentrate, tomato sauce, sugar, molasses and some smoky herbs and spices.

Diversify the ketchup and mustard selection at your next outdoor party with a barbecue sauce for heat-seekers to put on hot dogs, chicken or burgers. Itll cost $2.69 a bottle.

It may not beTwo Buck Chuck, but Traders new ros will go down oh-so-easy. From the Piemonte region of Italy, this fruity, somewhat-dry wine is drinkable and affordable at $8.99 per 750-milliliter bottle. (In Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Vermont, its $7.99, and $10.49 in Ohio.) One of the best parts? This new vino is slightly bubbly, so its extra fun to toast.

These frozen fish burgers are nice for summer dinners when beef feels too heavy. Theyre made with Albacore tuna, carrots, celery and onion, and formed into patties so when its grill time, theyre ready to go. Each 3.2-ounce burger has 18 grams of protein and come four in a pack for $6.99.

The patties can be rolled up into tortillas for makeshift fish tacos, OG-style on a bun with ketchup, lettuce and tomatoes, or all by itself as part of alow-carb meal plan.

This old-faithful item is as simple as it gets when it comes to dessert. But as a side or topping oncobblers, strudels and blueberry pies, its essential. With a smooth, French vanilla flavor, this $3.99 quart of goodness has just seven ingredients. Bring it to a potluck to add an extra something special to other fruit-forward or chocolaty dishes or just eat it straight from the carton (we wont tell!).

For all the folks who adore TJsGone Bananas(frozen bananas dipped in chocolate), try Gone Berry Crazy. This version takes the classic romantic treat, chocolate covered strawberries, and freezes them into bite-sized pieces. Just pop em out of the freezer and into your mouth.

This cold, creamy sauce is so versatile, especially withseasonal summer dishes. It can be scooped onto a pita chip or crudit as an appetizer, spooned onto a fresh arugula and beet salad or drizzled overgrilled fishorchickenwith a squeeze of lemon. Whatever the meal, whenever the time: This Mediterranean dip is a must-buy for $3.49.

When schools out, a straightforward poolside snack thats easy to throw in a bag is a must. Since people get a little obsessed over Flamin Hot Cheetos (some even use it as an ice cream topping), why not indulge in Spicy Cheese Crunchies for $1.99? The picture from Trader Joes may show the munchies in front of a video game screen, but this savory snack is perfect for the pool, park or beach. Its summer, which means less screen time and more feed time.

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