Relative returns measure investment success by comparing how their groups of funds perform in comparison to a stock index. Absolute return investorswe know them as hedge fund investorsmeasure success by how much their investments make or lose, regardless of traditional stock indexes.

Lets compare the two types of investment to dating. Jacqueline is a relative investor. She is dating a semi-handsome man with a low-paying job and little desire to improve. Her man would rate low if evaluated on an absolute basis. Luckily for Jacquelines boyfriend, most of Jacquelines friends are dating men who have recently been incarcerated. In comparison, or relatively speaking, Jacqueline has got herself quite the hunk. If measured on an absolute scale, however, she hasnt done so well.

The absolute return index combines absolute investing with relative investing. Absolute investors want to know how theyre doing against other absolute investors. The absolute return index, also called the Hedge Fund Absolute Return Index (HFRX), helps hedge fund investors measure the performance of their funds against a composite of other funds.

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banks are big lenders they generally focus on large amounts for big

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like your local flower shop needs 25 grand in credit but lenders also sell a [flowers in a store]

special kind of loan a mortgage for when you want to buy a home and the interest

on mortgages is distinctively tax-deductible your big brother can also

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