Most great angels will invest in at least 10 deals per year, though many aim for closer to 20.

Thats because angel investing is a numbers game; invest in just a few deals, and you may never see a return. On the other hand, if you spread out your annual investing budget across 10 or more deals, youre very likely to come out in the positives.

The average angel investor can expect to net between 20 and 30 percent annually on their portfolio, assuming they keep it pretty well-stocked with deals. In my opinion, though, 20 to 30 percent isnt quite good enough.

Thats why I developed the1,000X Formula. Its a simple equation I use to determine whether a startup has the potential to 1,000X my money.

Recently, I shared that formula withShark Tanks Robert Herjavec and today, I want toshare it with you.You can learn exactly how to use this method (and maximize your overall returns) byclicking here.

Still, youll need to invest in several deals for the formula to work and thats an awful lot of equity to keep track of. When you hold a stake in 20+ companies and all of them are constantly on the move how can you keep tabs on your overall profits?

Check out the video above to learn how I do it.

like info on program on the 50.00$ like Robert Herjavec, your most asap attention will be most welcome. very interesting. thanks Gerardo Jerry Rodriguez.

Why cant you create a software program that comes with the purchase of your angel and entrep program that automatically shows an investment as to how much and shows the gains or losses that we make and how a company is doing without creating an excel program for ourselves.

Im new and have been looking for the $50.00 dollar deals and have not been able to find one. Is there a special place we need to log in to?

Demetria, read the info on Nanno from Neil. Its minimum investment is only $50. I have already invested in it.

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