For The First Time Ever, Im Revealing My Contrarian Formula For Making Maximum Dividends

(Without Any Options Trading, Penny Stocks, Or High-Risk Plays!)

Im the Chief Investment Strategist atContrarian Outlook.

And today, for the first time ever, Im going to show youhow to safely and securely quadruple your incomewith what I call the

Now, I know the word perfect may seem outlandish.

But I say it with total confidence because what youre about to discover is my lifes work. Its a proven system built onyearsof trial and error, extensive back-testing, and countless financial models.

And, if you follow the system revealed below, Im 100% confident you can4x your income while simultaneously growing your nest egg!

Thats right, Im promising to show you how toquadruplethe cold, hard, spendable cash you take home every year

without ever withdrawing a single cent from your portfolio!

Which is why I dont expect you to just take my word for this.

Andas youll see in just a momentI have an ever-growing mountain of proof to share with you.

However, before we get to that,lets talk about what the perfect income portfolio wouldideallylook like.

Im sure youll agree theONE final key elementof a Perfect Income Portfolio would be that its

Built On An Outstanding, Time-Tested AndProvenTrack Record

After all, when its your wealth, your way of life, and your financial future on the line you wantcomplete and utter confidence in your investment strategy.

Well, believe it or not, the Perfect Income Portfolio youre about to discover FAR exceeds the checklist above.

Case in point,if youd followed this strategy over the past 10-years, heres what wouldve happened to your money:

All while you collected areal and spendable incomewithout ever withdrawing cash from your nest egg of savings and without ever using any high-risk options or spread-bets.

So, while most income investors were struggling to earn a paltry 2%, 3%, maybe even 5% per year you would haveconsistently packed on 10%+ per year!

In other words, you could have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled your investment income every year!

First, I want to dispel some myths and lies surrounding income investing.

You see, almost all income investors fall into one of two buckets.

And, it turns out both these buckets are based on schools of thought which are fundamentally flawed. In other words the vast majority of so-called income experts are teaching you to invest in a system that willNEVER pay the amount of money you need!

In fact, as youll see unless youre sitting on a HUGE pile of cash or youre willing to wait 30, 40, or 50+ years itsmathematically IMPOSSIBLEfor you to retire rich, wealthy, and financially free by following their outdated advice.

If youre worried about running out of money in your golden years

And, if want to earn exponentially more money from theexact same capital this may be the most important financial advice you ever read

Because Today For The First Time Ever Im Pulling Back The Curtain And Revealing My Perfect Income Portfolio

This is an approach you can use tosafely and securely double, triple, even quadruple your incomewhile simultaneously growing your nest egg by thousands of dollars.

Im the Chief Investment Strategist atContrarian Outlook.

You may have seen me before on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, or NASDAQ where Im often called on to share my methodology forcollecting consistent, predictable, and reliable incomewithout making any wild speculative bets that keep you up at night.

You see, I take a uniquely contrarian approach to the markets

And, over the past several years, Ive helpedthousands of readersdramatically grow their monthly income and savings. I do this by obsessively focusing on uncovering those perfect stocks that other gurus and investors miss.

Contrarian investments that fly under the radaryethave ever-growing yields great upside potential rock-solid fundamentals and recession-proof foundations.

There are plenty of other home run winners I could show you.

Now, I know these arent the huge 500% 1,000% or 5,000% overnight gains you hear other investment gurusCLAIMINGthey can get you. Butas youve probably guessedthose are nothing more thanover-hyped promisesdesigned to separate YOU from your money.

Well, I dont promise something I cant deliver.

And, I dont go chasing the latest penny-stock, crypto, or breakthrough new technology.

You see, I dont like to recklessly gamble with my familys future. I dont just roll the dice with money that took years to accumulate. I dont believe in betting everything on black.

Getting Paid A Consistent, Predictable, AndEver-Increasing IncomeFrom Safe, Secure Investments

Although paper gains on capital appreciation are great nothing can beat the feeling ofcold, hard, spendable cash floodinginto your account every month, quarter, and year.

Not just paper gains you watch wildly fluctuating on your TDAmeritrade or Schwab account.

As Kevin OLeary, multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, and host of Shark Tank says

Rule one for me is that Ill never own a stock that doesnt pay a dividend.

Especially when you consider71% of stock market returns over the past 40-yearshave come from dividends not capital appreciation.

And this methodology lies very close to my heart and ethics.

You see, my first experience in the markets was absolutely brutal

It was 2003, Id recently graduated from Cornell University and was designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So, I decided to hire a broker to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials and certifications, years of experience, and he talked agreatgame.

Just 1 year later this so-called expert had literally lost ALL my money.

Everything. Years of saving and investing gone.

As you can imagine, I was furious. However, thanks to this experience, I came to a huge breakthrough. I realized nobody is EVER going to care about MY money, MY future, MY retirement, and MY familyas much as I do.

And, I realized, if I wanted to retire rich, I needed to take control of MY money.

Anyway, with this realization, I decided to learn everything I could about investing. I was absolutely relentless. And, after a few road-bumps, it paid off starting with a measly$2,000 I turned it into$154,000 in just 48 months!

Obviously, this sort of performance doesnt go unnoticed

Shortly afterward, I was invited to join a famous financial publication as an editor.

At first, it was great. We helped our readers take home huge profits, exponentially grow their portfolio, and finally create the financial freedom theyd been chasing their whole life.

However, as time passed, things started to change

Instead of focusing on secure, safe stocks with huge upside, they started recommending all sorts of highly-speculative, high-risk investments like obscure cryptocurrencies, volatile penny-stocks, and many other questionable opportunities.

Im sure you know the type of investment advice Im talking about It gets you excited with promises of massive overnight wealth, but it has very littleif anysubstance!

I believe financial analysts like myself have an ethical and moral duty to help our readerssafelygrow their moneynot recklessly gamble it away on some pie-in-the-sky idea.

Which is why I decided to set up my own research firmContrarian Outlook.

Since inception, the goal ofContrarian Outlookhas been simple:

All without making any highly-speculative bets you cant tell your spouse about without trying to time the markets without the cant-sleep-at-night worries and without putting your retirement at risk!

And today, I want to share somethingIve never revealed publicly before.

Although I never intended to share this publicly, I feel obligated to because Im so sickened by a lot of the financial advice I see circulating in the market right now.

You see, frankly, most income investing advice is theoppositeof what really works.Worse still, if you follow this BS advice, youll never create the consistent and predictable income thats needed for true financial freedom.

The Hidden Dangers ofTraditionalIncome Investing

As I said earlier, almost all income investing fall into one of two buckets:

Bucket 1 Slow, steady payouts from big, blue chip dividend paying stocks or mutual funds.

Bucket 2 High-risk, high-reward bets from options or active day trading.

Now, dont get me wrong, both of these bucketsdohave some benefits. And, used correctly, they can be powerful income generators.The trouble isneitherof these are viable vehicles for someone who is in their 50s, 60s or beyond.

Why Slow, Steady Payouts From Big, Blue Chip Dividend Paying Stocks Will Leave You Strapped For Cash

However, its not as simple as many people make it out to be.

And, the truth is, if you follow the traditional advice such as investing in the SP 500 big blue-chip stocks or the famous Dividend Aristocrats it is pretty muchmathematically impossiblefor you to earn enough.

You see, these income producers pay a miserly yield that is barely able to keep up with inflation.

To prove my point, let me show you a few specific examplesthen Ill show you how to immediatelydouble, triple, or quadruple your incomeso you can actually earn enough money to survive!

If you dumped your money into the SP 500a commonly touted piece of advicethe income you would have generated wasbarelyabove the yearly inflation rate

Whats more, research fromMarketWatchshows that after being adjusted for inflation, the SP produced a pathetic 0.9% annualized price-only return since its high in March 24, 2000.

Of course you would have experienced price gains too

Butlets face itreal, spendable income is what mattersnotpaper gains you cant spend.

In other words, if youd followed this traditional strategy, a barista in your local Starbucks would be earning more income than you.Dont believe me?Let me spell it out for you

The average barista makes just $22,559 per year. And, the dividend pick above paid a standard 3% per year. So, in order to earn MORE than the barista, youd need a massive $750,000 in this one investment!

Hardly the rich, financially free lifestyle you worked so hard for, right?

So, unless youre investing millions upon millions of dollars or youre willing to let your investments compound for 30+ years youre going to be hard-strapped to earn anywhere near enough income from this sort of passive, index investing.

The good news is, there is a way toleverage the safety and securityof this investment philosophy while simultaneouslymaximizing the incomeyou earn!

Why Chasing Fast, Easy Gains Is Little-More Than Spinning A Las Vegas Roulette Wheel

Unfortunately, this bucket lures many unsuspecting people in

After all, the promises of quick and easy gains of 500%, 1,000%, or more is very alluring.

Its caught me beforeand I paid dearly for it.

Whether its a hot new tech company an insider only opportunity the latest cryptocurrency a ready-to-surge penny-stock or a classified trading systemIt ALWAYS designed to sound exciting, urgent, and brand-new!

Heres what the smiling swindlers wont tell you though

These are not investments they are nothing buthigh-risk, high-rewardbets.

And while they can be part of your portfolio, they should NEVER be your main source of income. If they are you are putting your familys security, stability, and safety at massive risk.

Now, if you think Im being overly critical, just take a look at these statistics:

reported that a massive percentage of cryptocurrencies offered via ICO failed within the first 4 months (

personally, I see these as nothing but pump dump schemes

Despite the clear evidenceagainstthis strategy, many investors are drawn in.

Now, as youve just seen, bothBucket 1 2 are plagued by fundamental flaws

And, I believe the proliferation of these pathetic income strategies has hamstrungmillionsof hard-working Americanswho could be earning AT LEAST double the incomejust by following some simple, proven strategies.

So, instead of being stress-free, financially-free, and able to truly enjoy life

millions of Americans in their 50s, 60s and beyond arecutting backon spending taking onsecond jobs and lying awake every night worrying about whether or not theyll outlive their money!

In fact, CNBC just published research showing

A Way For Investors To Reap The Rewards FromBothBuckets!

You can enjoy the security, stability and predictability of Bucket 1

combined with the maximum gains and income of Bucket 2!

After years of keeping it my personal secret, Im finally revealing myPerfect Income Portfolio. A simple, proven, and time-tested strategy you can use to double, triple, even quadruple your income almost immediately!

Plus, Im also going to give you THREE specific investments you can buy right now forMAXIMUM income combined with MAXIMUM stability!

This is a strategy I could easily charge thousands of dollars for.

But today, Im handing you the keys to the kingdom right here on this page.

All youve got to do is take action and implement what youve discovered. If you want to take charge of your retirement income, you can easily build a portfolio which returns 10%+ per yearwithout you EVER having to withdraw from your savings.

Now, compare this to the SP 500s 1.9% dividend and were talking about a$40,500 difference on a $500,000 portfolioevery single year!Thats the sort of life-changing money that can providetrue security and freedom.

Best of all, as youll see today, it only takes a few minutes to setup this vastly more profitable portfolio.

Earlier I mentioned that theperfect income portfolio wouldideally

Then, I promised you that myPerfect Income Portfoliostrategy would meet and EXCEED each of these crucial checkpoints.

Well, its time for me to prove this strategy to you by taking you behind the scenes and showing you everything you need to know about this Perfect Income Portfolio

As I mentioned, this was built from years of painstaking research, trial and error, and financial modelling. I designed it for my own personal portfolio and my desire to enjoy a large incomewithout exposing myself to too much risk or withdrawing from my savings.

And, in the obsessive pursuit of this goal, I quickly realized traditional income strategies just werent going to cut it.

So, instead of listening to the mainstream advice like

invest in the Dividend Aristocrats withdraw 4% per year lower your expenses cut back on luxuries

This journey led me to uncover three little-known investment vehicles that cansafely and securely 2x, 3x or even 4x your incomealmost immediately.

These are the vehicles Wall Street uses to maximize returns yet theyre kept hidden from regular folks like you and I.

Well, right now, Im pulling back the curtain and showing you how these three vehicles form thePerfect Income Portfolio!

Most folks have never heard about this vehicle.

Which is unfortunate, because as youre about to see, it can almost immediately double your investment yield. All youve got to do is make a simpleswitchinside your portfolio and you could seeyour income double.

How?Well, its all thanks to the unique properties of this little-known vehicle.

Now, let me quickly show you what makes this vehicle so attractive to yield hounds

Unlike index funds, this investment is actively managed by top financial minds without unaffordable fees like a hedge fund. So, by switching to this vehicle, youll benefit from elite money-managers working for you and your wealth.

The managers driving these vehicles can choose to use leverage to maximize winning positions. This can greatly accelerate your gainsand thanks to 3, you wont end up over-exposed to risk.

This income vehicle is also structurally different from other Wall Street vehicles and it benefits from more capital stability. In other words, your wealth is better protected and will weather financial storms better when under the protection of this vehicle.

The most exciting wealth-building aspect of this vehicle is that you can buy it for LESS than its worth.

Because of the quirky pricing structure, investors can often buy the assets at a significant discount.

You see, if the market currently values this vehicle at LESS than the worth of its combined assets, savvy investors can make a fortune.

Its the same principle as buying an under-valued house and watching the value skyrocket as others spot the opportunity.

The difficulty is finding these under-valued plays. Fortunately, thats my job and in just a moment Ill give you the exact vehicle to buy for double the income.

Earlier I called Vehicle 1The $1.3 Million Dollar Differenceand now I want to show you why

Millionaires who put their money in the SP 500 in 2007 would have seen their million bucks grow into $1,580,000. This is a return of $580,000 or roughly $50,000 compounded annually.

However, millionaires who put their money intoVehicle 1, would have watched their money grow to$2.8 million which is a gain of $1.3 millionmorethan the SP 500!

Its obvious, right? Well, in just a moment, Ill show you how to profit from this powerful Vehicle andIll give you the EXACT investment to purchase for 10%+ yearly returns!

But first, let me show you Vehicle 2 inside thePerfect Income Portfolio

Vehicle 2Wall Streets Best Kept Income Secret

For over 100 years, this has been one of Wall Streets best kept income secrets.

Since the 1900s this little-known upgrade to stock investing has returned an average of 7.4% annually. And, although most Main Street investors are unaware this income vehicle even exists elite money managers often use it to maximize returns.

Case in point, in 2011 when Bank of America was struggling to stay afloat, Warren Buffet gave them a $5 billion cash injection.

The catch?He wanted this $5 billion transferred intoVehicle 2: Wall Streets Best Kept Income Secret

The result?While other Bank of America investors were collecting a dividend less than 1%, Berkshire Hathaway was earning 6%a cool $300 million per year!

Now, the good news is, you dont have to have the cash reserves or genius of Buffett to benefit from this one.

In fact, any investor can use this stock upgrade to double, triple, even quadruple their yield. All youve got to do is know how to upgrade the stock and which stock to pick.

In just a moment Ill show you how to upgrade your investments to Vehicle 2 fordouble, triple, even quadruple the yield you are currently making.

A key foundation of The Perfect Income Portfolio is weathering any financial storms that hit.

After all, higher yields, greater income, and more money isnt any good if it all collapses at the first market downturn.

This is why,Vehicle 3is such a crucial part of this strategy.

Its an income machine which pays youwhether the market goes up, down, or sideways.

In fact, according toMorningstar, studies have shown adding this one type of investment to your portfolio can increase your returns while also reducing risk.

You see, it provides a backdoor way into the housing market without requiring a second mortgage, without becoming a landlord and without even owning the property.

Instead, you sit back and collect rental income from hundredspotentially even thousandsof properties all around the world.

As Im sure youve guessed,Vehicle 3is focused on generating income via REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

And while youve probably heard of these before, the vast majority of investors approach REIT investing dead-wrong.

You see, most folks think all REITs are created equal.

They dont understand there are Mortgage REITs and Equity REITs each of which needs to be approached differently.

They dont know there are 16 different REIT categories each with their own pros and cons.

They dont know how to properly evaluate and analyze the assets under management, the management team, the infrastructure, the investment location and more.

As such, most folks blindly pour money into REITs with very little forethought.

(After all, REITs are required by law to pay 90% of profits to investors).

However, my research shows this party will end soon.

Only a handful of REITs are engineered to be recession-proof and those which arent will implode at the first sign of a market pullback.

This is why its crucial you select the correct REITs. REITs that pay you no matter what the economy, Government, or market does.

Fortunately for you, I have done all the hard work for you. Ive found a handful of REITs that can deliver 10%+ per yearbull or bear.

And, they make up a fundamental part of thePerfect Income Portfolio!

Now, Ive shown you the three core vehicles that create thePerfect Income Portfolio.

Combined, they form a powerful, recession-proof portfolio which will return 10%+ per yearwithout any wildly-risky investments or trades. Just safe, secure investments that deliver double, triple, even quadruple the income youre currently earning!

However, they are just the first step to creating the Perfect Income Portfolio you also need to know which investments to buy within each vehicle.

I dont want my research spread around the internet for everyone to see. Many of my favorite opportunities are currently availablebelowmy recommended buy up to price but if the names are made public itll quickly drive the price up killing the opportunity for you.

However, for the first time ever, Im giving serious readers the chance to get full, no-holds barred access to thisproven, time-tested strategybecause

These Three Income VehiclesPlus My Favorite InvestmentFor Each Are Revealed Inside My New Report:

How To Safely Securely 4x Your IncomeAlmost Immediately

Inside this brand-new report youll get all the details of myPerfect Income Portfolio.

Step-by-step Ill show you exactly how to setup your portfolio formaximum income with minimum risk.

And, if you follow the simple steps laid out, Im confident youll be able to 2x, 3x, even 4x the income youre currently making.

Thats right, Im talking about taking the 2.5% youre earning and almost immediatelytransforming it into 10% per yearin cold, hard, spendable, real income and capital gains!

Whats more, Ill also give you my favorite investment within each vehicle.

These are investments that have passed my strict due-diligence process and that my research revealswill return 10%+ per yearin bull and bear markets.

Ill walk you through each recommendation, giving you a clear, concise, and easy to understand breakdown of exactly why these are perfect income plays.

And, of course, youll get the ticker symbols, buy-up-to price, and ongoing sell/hold/buy research delivered straight to your inbox.

All this and more is waiting for you inside my brand-new reportThe Perfect Income Portfolioand

With Your Permission I Want To Send You A FREE Copy Today

Im the Chief Investment Strategist ofContrarian Income Report

And, if you agree to a risk-free, no obligation test-drive ofContrarian Income Reporttoday Ill instantly send you afree copy The Perfect Income Portfolio!

Whats more, as a way to sweeten the deal, Ill also give you instant access to anotherfour free bonus investment reports.

All of which Ill share with you in just a moment

But first, let me show you whyContrarian Income Reportisunlike any otherresearch service youve seen before.

When it comes to investment advice only ONE THING should matter to you:track record.

Bestselling author, TV pundit, fancy degree, wall of credentials, posh office none of itactuallymatters.

All that matters is whether or not someone has averifiable track record.

After all, when its your money, your well-being, your familys future, and your financial health on the line you must have total confidence in the path you follow.

So, while many newsletters will make grandiose promises of quick riches, 500% gains, and overnight wealth

Which Im sure you know always fall flat on their face and rarelyif everdeliver any sort of positive ROI, let alone hundreds of percent.

I want you to know, I willnevermake you false promises like that.

Instead, our research serviceContrarian Income Reportfocuses on building your income through safe, secure investments that pay youwhether the market is a bull or bear!

Investments that consistently grow predictably pay you real, spendable income and help protect your wealth from inevitable crashes and crises.

So while others are off foolishly chasing the latest penny stock, cryptocurrency, or insanely risky tech play

youll be sitting back and relaxing, as you watch yourwealth and income grow rapidlywith returns that outpace the market by astunningmargin.

And while others lie awake at night, unable to sleep as they constantly worry about their yo-yoing net-worth

youll be able to actually enjoy your moneyspending it how you please!

Need proof?Just take a look at my proven, time-tested track-record below

Since inception my subscribers havereaped annualized gains of over 11%, largely thanks to an8% average yield!

Its performance like this which has our members sending unsolicited rave reviews like this

And there are dozens more stories just like these.

Now, I want to inviteyouto join this fast-growing family of contrarians who are making 2x, 3x, even 4x the income of their friends

all without the highly-volatile, highly-risky, and highly-speculative investments you cant tell your wife about!

Youre Invited To An ExclusiveRisk-Free TrialofContrarian Income Report

Let me tell you whats waiting for you inside

Every month, youll receive a brand-new issue ofContrarian Income Report.

Inside this monthly research report, Ill analyze the markets, breakdown whatsreallygoing on, and show you how to profitably navigate these tricky waters.

Ill also update you on the currentContrarian Income Reportportfolio, telling you whether to buy, sell, or hold.

Most importantly though, Ill aim to give you at least one new investment recommendation per month.

This will be a stock or fund Ive been carefully studying (usually for months) which I expect topay a BARE MINIMUM of 6% per year while withstanding any major market shifts!

And, if Im recommending it, you can rest assured it passed my stringent analysis with flying colors.

Ill give you my full research and rationale for the investment, predictions on what you can expect to see, and why I believe it is a Perfect Income play.

In short, youll get everything you need to make an informed, calculated decision including the Buy Up To price.

Now, Icant guaranteeIll have a new recommendation for you every single month.

I absolutely refuse to compromise investment quality and I willneverrecommend something I dont fully back.

As you can imagine, finding these companies, analyzing their books, studying their historical performance, predicting their future growth, and monitoring their ongoing results takes a LOT of intense work.

However, as aContrarian Income Reportpremium member, you dont need to do a single thing!

You can just sit back, relax, and let me do all the heavy lifting, due-diligence, and research for you.

Then, every single month, youll get a full and detailed report revealing everything you need to build and manage yourPerfect Income Portfolio.

Now, this monthly research service alone is easily worth thousands of dollars

but its just ONE small partof what youll get when you agree to todaysrisk-free trialofContrarian Income Report.

This password-protected website is the home ofContrarian Income Report.

Inside, youll find all our latest market updates, research reports, bonus investing guides, portfolio recommendations, and much, much more.

Everything is laid out in an easy-to-navigate members portal that you can access 24/7 from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet