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Our happy place? The Trader Joes cheese aisle. Its packed with interesting, high-quality cheeses that aresomehow, magicallypretty inexpensive. From goat Brie to wine-soaked toscano, here are our top ten picks.

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This tangy wedge has some serious bite, so its best sprinkled (sparingly) on pasta, chicken or steak. A little goes a long way, trust us.

This Dutch cheese is literally aged for 1,000 days, so its perfectly sharp and nutty. Plus, it has those delightfully crunchy little cheese crystals, so win-win.

OK, hear us out, cheese purists. This stuff is last-meal good. If the traditional Gouda flavor is a little too strong for you, the bright zip of the pesto balances everything out in the most surprising (but genius) way.

Fun fact: Manchego must be aged for at least 60 days, by law. So TJs played it safe and aged it for a year. Pair it with olives, shut your eyes and pretend youre in Spain.

Were suckers for the classic double-crme, but this lighter, tangier version is great on salads and sandwiches. Best of all, it doesnt leave you with that heavy, weighed-down, I just ate cheese feeling.

This cheddar/Gruyre hybrid made with (yep) coffee grounds is a total conversation piece. It has a strong coffee flavor, so less is more when it comes to pairings. Try it with plain water crackers or just eat it on its own.

Yep, this stuff is aged for 75 days in an actual sandstone cave in Minnesota, but its about the same price as the run-of-the-mill stuff youd get in a traditional grocery store. Crumble some on your salad immediately.

Speaking of wacky combos, this one sounds like it would be weird, but its actuallymagical. A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, a little bit cheesy. Perfection.

Its the sharp, creamy standby thatll always be the first one gone on the cheese plate. Pair it with honey and walnuts to really make your guests swoon.

Lets face it: We never met a glass of Syrah we didnt like. So this cheese is basically our dream come true. Toscano tastes kind of like a mix between Parmesan and cheddar on its own, which pairs perfectly with the blackberry undertones of the wine. Total candidate fornight cheese.

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