Top Reasons for Choosing Addenda Capital to Manage your Absolute Return Bonds

We offer a distinctive product based on its liquidity and non-correlated returns to traditional assets.

We look to create value by capitalizing on short- and medium-term discrepancies within the bond market, irrespective of underlying market movements.

We seek alpha by exploiting market volatility and relative value opportunities, while limiting exposure to corporate credit.

We bring together transparency, maximum flexibility, healthy liquidity, compliance, diligent risk mitigation, market expertise and competitive fees.

A consistent stream of alpha is achievable through numerous diversified investment strategies within a robust risk management framework.

Rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis is required to build a portfolio (consisting primarily of cash bonds and derivatives) that delivers positive returns in all market environments.

Our investment process is based on a global macro approach. We look at economic data, market flow and global analysis to assess whats happening in the marketplace.

Tactical and strategic positioning encompassing five sources of added value: market volatility, relative value of major foreign government bonds, currencies, provincial trading and corporate credit.

Extensive top-down analysis of macroeconomic/industry data and sentiment variables allows us to identify investment opportunities related to market volatility and their relative value. Opportunities in relation to corporate bonds, albeit restricted, are exploited via bottom-up assessments.

Portfolio construction reflects investment opportunities shared by a diverse team of specialists and allocated according to curve analysis, relative value metrics and sentiment. Various risk metrics are assessed and monitored, ensuring that no position or market exposure dominates the portfolios total risk at any point in time.

The key to our success is our ability to ascertain global macro inputs which are direct drivers to our portfolio optimization.

Vice-President, Portfolio Construction, Active Duration

My role is to bring a quantitative dimension to the thinking and to the realization of our ideas and projects.

Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Head, Quantitative Research

Curiosity is the foundation of research. It is important to always ask questions.

We build highly personalized multi-asset investment solutions that meet the return requirements and long-term objectives of institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

At Addenda Capital, sustainable investing is not an afterthought; its part of our DNA. It makes us better investors and enables a better future.

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