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9 Best Products to Meal Prep from Trader Joes

True story: I used to live across the street from Trader Joes. This was both good and bad at the time, but now the memories are only fond. I still visit when I can, and today I decided to share a list of things that could totally save you some time during your next meal prep session. From the base of your next southwest chicken salad, to cauliflower & veggie stir-fry calling for your favorite protein, its all right here. PLUS, check out the extra recipe ideas to give you some starting places for next weeks meal plan. Here are the 9 Best Products to Meal Prep from Trader Joes!

Skip literally all the chopping with these pre-cooked (fire roasted if were being technical) and ready to use peppers + onions. Im thinking fajitas, or maybe over some bratwurst? The best part theyll stay in the freezer until youre ready to heat them up and put them to good use.

Chicken Fajitas with Chipotle Lime Cremafrom Carlsbad Cravings

Roasted Bratwurst with Peppers & Onionsfrom Budget Bytes

Baked Chicken Fajita Noodle Casserolefrom Project Meal Plan

Greens, dried fruits, almonds, sunflower seeds, AND dressing all packed into this thing. Talk about saving some serious time cutting, cleaning, mixing. Thanks TJs! Pair with chicken or bulk up with more veggies for a few good salads prepped and ready to go!

Change up your meal prep routine and head for lentils instead of rice or quinoa. Maybe Im just really bad at cooking lentils, but this seems like an awesome shortcut. Theyve gotmore protein than rice, and canhelp lower your blood pressure.

Broccoli Lentil Quinoa Casserolefrom Meal Prep on Fleek

Roasted Veggie & Lentil Protein Bowlfrom Total Body Nourishment

Sweet Potato & Lentil Buddha Bowlfrom Sweet Potato Soul

My personal issue with riced cauliflower is the fact that I have to clean appliances after I make it. But not today! This package contains ONLY cauliflower, and can be used for any of those riced cauliflower needs. Its a no-brainer.

Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower Ricefrom Kirbies Cravings

Low Carb Cauliflower Pot Piesfrom Its Cheat Day Everyday

Pick your favorite burgers, cook them up ahead of time, and have an easy lunch or dinner thats basically done. Go for lettuce buns, pretzel buns, all the toppings, no toppings, or just a simple patty cooked how you like it. Easy! Theyve got turkey burgers, chicken burgers, buffalo burgers, beef burgers, salmon burgers and tuna burgers.

Spicy Tuna Steak Burgers with Wasabi Mayofrom A Sassy Spoon

Extra Crispy Sweet Potato Wedgesfrom Baker by Nature

Okay, not so much prep here, because theyve basically done it for you! If youre one of those people that cant help but keep reaching into an open bag of trail mix (ME), these snack-sized pre-portioned trail mix packs are for you. Plan healthy snacks so you dont have to stop and buy something!

If you have more time, try making one of these recipes at home. Instead of using plastic baggies to portion out your snacks, try aStasher bag!

How to Build a Healthy Trail Mixfrom The Healthy Maven

Slow Cooker Paleo Pumpkin Spice Trail Mixfrom Cotter Crunch

This is probably the best-looking pre-seasoned main dish I could find in the entire store. You could pick this bird up on Sunday afternoon, roast it up for dinner, and then have chicken to last you for the next couple dinners. Plus, its already pre-seasoned and butterflied. Sounds like the hard part is done for you!

Italian Oven-Roasted Vegetablesfrom The Mediterranean Dish

Make-Ahead Quinoa Party Saladfrom Project Meal Plan

Roasted Asparagus with Almonds and Asiagofrom Food and Wine

This salad just needs a little bit of protein and then its basically a whole meal. Separate it into four portions, and youve got lunch for the week. It would be perfect with some BBQ chicken and tortilla chips! Or stick with the spicy avocado dressing and some plain chicken breast. Talk about an easy meal prep!

Homemade Chipotle Grilled Chickenfrom Project Meal Plan

My plan for the tempura cauliflower currently chilling in the freezer? Some kind of build-a-bowl workshop chicken, sauteed veggies, mix it up, and boom. Dinner with a new side dish I bet you havent tried. Prep some bowls for the week, or pair with dinner any night of the week.

Thai Peanut Chicken Meal Prep Bowlsfrom From Valeries Kitchen

Paleo Asian Taco Meal Prep Bowlsfrom I Heart Unami

Thats all folks! Thanks for taking a peak into my latest shopping adventure. Hope you found something good in the 9 Best Products to Meal Prep from Trader Joes. I also like to shop at Costco, and made a list of7 Things From Costco That Make Meal Prep Better. Whats your favorite thing to meal prep from Trader Joes? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer:I have no relationship with Trader Joes and was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I just really like Trader Joes!

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We just moved to a city with a Trader Joes and it has been great getting to know the products. They are all wonderful! This post is a big help and I have not seen several of these before. I want to find that butterflied chicken!

Im so happy for you Kristen! Is that a thing I can congratulate people on? Moving nearer to Trader Joes should be considered an accomplishment 🙂 So glad you found this list useful! The butterflied chicken is normally on the bottom shelf of the refrigerated raw meats at my Trader Joes. Im positive its a year-round item so I hope your store carries it! Good luck!

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