John Oliver had quite a few things to say about Brexit as he made his Last Week Tonight return Sunday.

The British talk-show host labelled Brexit, the playful fun name that has been given to a disaster.

He explained how it had been two and a half years since Britain voted to leave the European Union; now that it is finally happening, its all a bit catastrophic.

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Oliver told viewers how, despite Brexit being scheduled to take place on March 29 just 40 days from now the planned departure has already had a huge impact on the nations economy. He added that the British pound has dropped almost 14 per cent.

All of this will come to a head just 40 days from now on March 29. It could be an absolute catastrophe because nothing is happening the way it was promised.

Watch Oliver recount the stages that Britain was supposed to go through before leaving the EU in the clip above.

Olivers latest comments come after hespoke about Brexit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The host explained just how terrifying a no-deal Brexit would be.

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