Hermione Fund is unlike any other investment fund, leveraging the advantages of our relatively lean size, quick judgment and flexibility to punch above our weight. We enter into investments at the optimal moment, capturing important and nationally strategic windows of opportunity that others may miss. We are able to achieve this because we have 30 years of experience. In that time we have developed a deep-rooted understanding of where the crucial pockets that support economic development lie.

Hermione Fund SPC stands out from the industry for its combination of outstanding investment returns through disciplined, comprehensive due diligence and risk management practices.

Hermione Fund SPCs team of investment professionals build an insightful understanding of a business profile, its strengths, weaknesses, culture and credibility with an unrivalled level of depth.

Hermione Fund SPC instinctively knows how to separate tomorrows exponential success story from the average or unnecessarily risky business proposal.

Our investors are confident that each project is hand-picked and that our investment fund portfolio is akin to a collection of fine art. Hermione Fund SPC prides itself on being able to identify new exponential growth opportunities within already successful companies.

We inject fresh vigour and high-quality assets into our investments, leveraging their existing potential and new resources to go to the next level of growth.

The portfolio will invest into schemes employing a collecting investment diversified approach to alternative and absolute return strategies including a mix of: equity, long short macro, CTA and fixed income.

Hermione Fund SPC injects quality assets into publicly listed companies, which can provide not only a platform of capital market for M&A and fundraising but also a channel for an exit of investment, and cooperates with other friendly investment funds to achieve strong growth and stable returns with a calculated low level of risk.

We are always up-to-date in our industry knowledge and continually looking at ways to evolve our approach for the better. We work closely with our investment fund managers to promote responsible investing as an integral part of the investment process.

With Hermione Fund SPC gaining recognition as a market leader in its fields of investment. Our investors have achieved excellent returns while keeping risk firmly in check.

A focus on capturing returns from alternatives and absolute return asset classes, reducing the impact of directionality from equities.

We bring on-board trusted and renowned international backers to work with us on major investments of industrial and international importance.

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