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With so many options, thefrozen aisle at Trader Joescan get a little overwhelming. There are always over a dozen flavors of Trader Joes ice cream, not to mention other frozen desserts.

According to my research, there are currently 17 full time Trader Joes ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts available. And thats not even including the limited edition ice creams that are always coming and going.

Ive taken the liberty of ranking each option thats currentlyin their freezers, so you dont have to make a wild guess at what flavor to pick up next.

Dead last is a hard spot for this first Trader Joes ice cream, but when you put it in perspective, its still head and shoulders above its competitors.

Personally, Im not a huge fan ofstrawberry ice cream, but the complement of coconut flavor from the coconut milk makes it better than your average strawberry ice cream.

If youre looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream, this is a good option. Personally, I think its a little lacking in the flavor department. If you like thetang of Greek yogurt, youll like this one because it shines through the light vanilla flavor.

Another healthier version oftraditional vanilla ice cream, this one doesnt have that weird tartness from the Greek yogurt. It does, however, have a slightly icy texture due to the low fat content that I think takes away from the flavor.

Next up in Trader Joes lineup of vanilla frozen treat options is this flavor thats great for vegans and those withdairy sensitivities. The creamy in the name is no misnomer. Despite the lack of dairy, this flavor will blow you away in the texture department.

This vanilla flavor has the most calories, but theyre well worth it in my option. The vanilla flavor is the richest and the mouth feel is the creamiest of all the Trader Joes flavors, I think. If youre a fan ofvanilla ice cream, you wont want to miss this.

This flavor is a step up from your traditional chocolate chip ice cream. The fudge chips are a nice added crunch that melt and coat your tongue in creamy chocolate.

As an added bonus, all the ingredients are100% organic, so youre not flooding your body withadditivesthat those other ice cream brands are full of.

Because this flavor is made with coconut milk, its infused with the slightest hint of coconut that goes really well with the rich chocolate.

The only thing that this frozen dessert is missing is the creamy decadence that you can only get from true dairy ice cream. But, with great flavor, this is a great option if youreavoiding dairy.

Chocolate and cherries are almost as classic a flavor combination aschocolate and peanut butterorsea salt and caramel.

This soy, creamy base will leave you questioning why you were ever so attached to ice cream in the first place. Youll get cherries and chocolate chips in every bite, no searching for chunks required.

Out of all the Trader Joes ice creams with chocolate, this one takes the trophy for the richest chocolate flavor. The base is super creamy, but even if it wasnt I wouldnt mind because it takes almost like eating a straight chocolate bar. And Im all for that.

This aint your traditional coffee ice cream that has a faint hint of watered-down coffee flavor. TJs leaves no question of the flavor by adding brewedColombian coffeein addition to ground french roast coffee beans, resulting in a bold and intense flavor that will open your eyes at night.

The super premium label on this ice cream assures that the base will be thick, rich, and creamy. Its not overchurned with a ton of air like some other brands. Plus, youre getting real, fresh mint flavor with none of the fake added coloring or artificial ingredients that many other mint ice creams rely on.

This ice cream features a handful of delicious Trader Joes classics that come together to make one of my favorite ice cream flavors.

It starts with the super premium French vanilla ice cream. Then,mini peanut butter cupsthat makeReesesseem like an amateur candy are swirled in, along with caramel. Its a whole sundae in one scoop.

This dessert combines the classic flavor combination that everyone already loves,sea salt and caramel, with gelato. Itsdenser, richer, and creamierthan traditional ice cream, but its still lower in fat and calories. Its a win-win dessert choice.

This decadent flavor combines two of Trader Joes richest ice creams to begin with, Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream and Super Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Then, it ties them together with a caramel swirl. Its like neapolitan ice cream without the strawberry that everyone avoids anyway.

Im a huge fan of the biggest chunks possible in my ice cream, but with this decadent base, I agree that theyre not totally necessary.

Even so, TJs overdoes itself with pieces of cookies along with plenty of Speculoos cookie butter swirled through TJs rich vanilla ice cream.

The newest addition to TJs repertoire of ice creams, this dessert is one you wont want to miss. The huge chunks of Kona coffee shortbread cookie mix perfectly with the decadent mocha fudge swirl and creamy, rich ice cream for a full dessert in one scoop.No toppings necessary.

Cookies and creamis my all-time favorite flavor of ice cream and I never get it anywhere besides Trader Joes. After trying this flavor, with huge chunks (Ive found whole cookies in there before) and thick, creamy vanilla ice cream, Im disappointed every time I eat cookies and cream ice cream from anywhere else.

Although theyre not available year-round, the pumpkin ice cream and peppermint Joe Joes ice cream flavors are arguably the best in TJs repertoire.

The pumpkin ice cream is the number onefall seasonal productthat I look forward to every year. Its best on top of a warm slice ofpumpkin bread.

For the peppermint joe joes ice cream, try breaking up somepeppermint barkon top for added chocolatey decadance, although with those giant joe joes chunks, you dont really need it.

Its basically anything you could ever want from an ice cream. The only thing thats lackluster is the actual ice cream base, which is a little icy.

The final seasonal flavor that I want to mention is Mango and Cream. Its a departure from TJs usualfall and winter specialty items, but that doesnt mean its lacking in flavor. The mango tastes fresh and the cream is decadent in this frozen treat.

I also wanted to give a quick shout-out to Trader Joes for getting creative with single serving ice cream desserts. If you often have issues with portion control (no,a pint is not one serving), try out one of TJsmochi ice cream bitesor mini ice cream sandwiches.

There are many options to choose from, everything from green tea mochi and coffee mochi with a mocha sauce center to classic chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and mini ice cream cones dipped in chocolate.

Unfortunately for many Trader Joes fanatics, they sometimes have to discontinue flavors that no longer sell as well or go out of style.

One of which was pecan pie ice cream. This was a true loss. It featured huge chunks of theclassic southern piein rich, creamy vanilla ice cream.

Just recently, Trader Joes issued arecall of their matcha ice cream. Its a fairly new flavor, but its quickly become a classic due to its refreshing flavor. Hopefully, it will be back soon.

The length of this article probably gives you some indication of my addiction to Trader Joes ice cream. As with allTrader Joes products, its cheap and made from quality ingredients. But its the flavor that keeps me coming back for another scoop.

Which Trader Joes ice cream is your favorite?

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