Notorious Miami Con Man Gets 9 Years Of Clutching Soap In Prison-

– Notorious Miami Con Man George French Jones Gets 9 Years Of Clutching His Soap In Federal Prison Showers

Same-Sex Couples Face Systematic Lending Discrimination-

– Same-Sex Couples Face A Lending Discrimination Rate 75% More Often Than Straight Couples

Motel 6 Leaves The Lights On For Sex Trafficking Of Drug Addicts-

– Detroit Drug Dealer Leaves The Lights On At Motel 6 In Suburban Madison Heights For The Sex Trafficking Of Drug Addicts

Seth Meyers Rants At Elites and Political Dysfunction (4/17/19)-

– This rant is great; it seems to hit on all the key relevant points of our historical moment (a new gilded age, in Meyers own …

Turkeys economy is spiraling as Erdogans AKP requests new election-

– Erdogan has espoused keeping interest rates down despite rising inflation, currently at more than 19 percent. Investors fear he…

Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq near records but stock-market volumes are the lowest in months — Heres why-

Donald Trump is Fighting us on Everything, Will Resist Congressional Subpoenas for Financial Information: Report-

How New York Homeowners Are Scoring Free Houses During Foreclosure-

Michigan Man Sues Parents For $86,000 For Tossing Porn Collection-

Goldman Sachs slashes compensation for employees as revenue drops-

Former Champion Porsche VP Indicted For Stealing $2.2 Million-

Fed minutes show re-starting QE purchases already on the table-

Newmont shareholders back $10-billion Goldcorp takeover-

HGTV Star Nicole Curtis Facing Foreclosure On Two Houses-

Vice President Mike Pence backs Trumps call to lower interest rates (DESPITE BULLISH ECONOMY)-

Wall Street Flaming Bags of POO- Wall Street is Never Too Big to Flail: Banks Continue to Throw Molotov Cocktails of Poo on Americas Doorstep (Ne… (Wed 1/13)

Hedge fund company found a creative way to act into BULK REO- We are aggressively looking for investors who is looking for an unusual income opportunity in BULK REO real estate property. Bu… (Thu 12/10)

RE: Request for Data- DELETED … (Sun 11/01)

RE: Hedge Funds- looking to liquidate properties and businesses?- Are you looking to refi these properties? John Contact John Burkel or . … (Mon 10/05)

RE: Now Tanking: Hedge Fund Investors in Real Estate Owners- DELETED … (Thu 7/09)

70.Austin Capital Management – Safe Harbor Fund[1]

67.Weavering Capital – Macro Fixed Income Fund[1]

59.BlueBay Emerging Market Total Return Fund[1]

42.Russell Investments (Alternative Strategies Funds)[2][2]

39.North American Equity Opportunities (Goldman Sachs)[1]

29.Peloton ABS Master Fund, Multi-Strategy Fund[2]

25.Polar Capital – Lotus, Tech. Absolute Funds[2]

17.Cheyne Finance LLC (Cheyne Capital Management)[1]

16.Geronimo Multi-Strategy, Sector Opportunity, and Option & Income[3]

15.Basis Capital Fund Management, Ltd. – Basis Yield Alpha[1]

14.Solent Capital Partners LLP, Mainsail II[1]

11.Parvest Dynamic ABS, BNP Paribas ABS Euribor and BNP Paribas ABS Eonia (BNP Paribas)[3]

10.Union Investment Asset Management Holding AG[1]

9.Oddo: Cash Titrisation; Cash Arbitrages; and Court Terme Dynamique[3]

6.United Capital Markets Holdings Inc.: Horizon Funds[4]

Ailing/Watch List™:42.GoldenTree Asset Management[1]

40.Lawrence Asset Management – Partners Fund[1]

20.Global Alpha and Global Equity Opportunities(Goldman Sachs)[2]

14.JWM Partners LLC – Relative Value Opportunity fund[1]

10.Queens Walk Investment, Ltd. (Cheyne Capital Management)[1]

Historical Implosions:1.Amaranth Advisors[2006-09]

3.International Management Associates LLC[2006-02]

9.John Hancock Business Services/Epic Investment Capital et al.[2003-11]

13.Long-Term Captial Management (LTCM)[1998-12-31]

Wilbur Ross Accused Of Pilfering Packets Of Sweet N Low From Restaurants

Homeowners With Wells Fargo Mortgages Can Sue Wells Fargo

Delaware Lawyer Accused Of Stealing From Harlem Church

FHFA Director Mel Watt Under Investigation For Sexual Harassment

New Evidence Emerges Of Wrongdoing By Foreclosure Attorney Mark Stopa

Wells Fargo Tellers Busted Harassing Black Customers

Mortgage Bankers Get Immunity To Rat Out Paul Manafort

Mortgage Fees: Unlocking The Rubiks Cube Of Getting A Loan

FHFA Abandons Plans To Create Alternative Credit Score For GSEs.

Richard Branson And Joe Montana Jump Into The Mortgage Business

Turkish crisis littered with lessons for Trump, US economy

Trumps In-Laws Get Chain Migration Citizenship

Wells Fargo apologizes after hundreds of customers lose their homes due to computer glitch

Trump To Shell Out $12 Billion To Bail Out Farmers

How Ivanka Trumps Loyalty to Her Father Killed Her Fashion Label

The Trump Tax Cuts in Full Swing. But These Debts Dont Look Good…

New York City Will Force Airbnb to Disclose Information on Hosts

Best Buy Should Be Dead, But Its Thriving in the Age of Amazon

U.S. stocks close lower on fears the Fed may raise interest rates four times this year

$1B Louisiana bank failure is costliest since financial crisis

Canadas Biggest Mortgage Lender Crashes; Gets Rescue — End of Line For Housing Bubble?

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