We are in a global economic paradigm of low growth and high volatility for the foreseeable future. Our dynamic portfolio management balances preserving capital with meaningful, market independent, absolute performance over a reasonable period. We believe that such strategies, as opposed to conventional investment strategies like Buy-and-Hold, need to be a mainstream portion of investors portfolios over the next decade at least.

We use our proprietary, objective, technical and macro-economicmodelsto try and harness market volatility and trends into positive returns by aligning investments dynamically with short-to-intermediate-term market trends in all liquid asset classes. Our complementary set of portfolios provide differentiated risk and return profiles depending on which facets of our models, risk management, leverage, and asset classes are emphasized, and can be combined to fit our clients needs like a glove.

The dynamic insight into market inflections and trends provided by our models, coupled with disciplined and sophisticated risk management, give us a unique ability to manage ourportfoliosto pre-defined volatility and draw-down targets. Our agility and shorter investment timeframes also help to substantially lower portfolio volatility. This is in stark contrast with diversified Buy-and-Hold strategies which do not have any risk management built into them and suffer from long-periods of high asset class correlation.

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