Youve made money a non-issue for you and those you love the most.

When bills come in the mail, you dont even bat an eye before paying them.

You board every flight across the world and sit in your lay-flat first class seat with a smile on your face.

You just walked out of the dealership with the keys to your dream car in hand.

Your biggest month in business… just 10xd itself.

Your relationship with money is so good, it cant help but pour into your life from every direction.

You never look at the prices on the menu ever again before ordering.

You just gifted your family the dream vacation theyve always wanted to go on.

Youlivethe kind of lifestyle that most only see on TV.

Your kids college funds? Completely taken care of.

Hustling WAY too hard to live the lifestyle of your wildest dreams?

NOT taking financial action you KNOW you need to be taking?

Sabotaging your biggest business opportunities before they even materialize?

Had some successful months, but striving for financial consistency?

Want to know what separates the minds of rich and successful people from everyone else?

Excited to attract money with grace and ease?

Want to take your money manifesting to the next level?

Ready to blast through your income cap & tap into the limitless Universal supply?

Ready to tap into the art of attracting money the same way that millionaires do?

Committed to unleashing your inner Rich Babe once and for all?

How many times have you told yourself, have been told, or believe the following about money?

The ONLY way to have $1,000,000 is to win the lottery.

Rich people only care about themselves and how much money they have.

It takes blood, sweat, and tears to be wealthy.

I am bad with money, so I dont even bother paying attention to it. My husband takes care of our finances.

I dont deserve to have more money than I need to pay for my basic needs.

My parents werent rich so that means I wont be either

Its going to take me a really long time to be rich.

I have a money block thats preventing me from being ultra successful.

I have to do something extraordinary to be worthy of having money


What you think, believe, say, and keep affirming about money is the

thats keeping you unfulfilled with your finances.

And heres the kicker that very few people will ever tell you:

Your finances have very little to do with money in thefirst place.

In fact, how much money you have in your bank account hardly has anything to do with your worth, how hard you work, and what you deserve.

Its all about thestoryyou keep telling yourself about what money is.

You see…Money is a state of mind. Money is a form of energy.

The amount of money you earn and hold onto is just a reflection of your belief system around money and what youre an energetic match to.

The cumulative total of everything you ever heard about or experienced when it came to money — that is what manifested into your physical reality.

Youve been TAUGHT your money story starting as early as when you were just a child.

Two years ago I found myself living on my grandmas couch, $25,000 in debt, working 9-5 as a secretary, trying to keep my failing MLM business afloat.

I had nothing to show for the insanely hard work Id put into building my MLM business the last 4 years and wondered where I went wrong.

This time of my life was the lowest point Ive ever hit.

I was scared, frustrated, and couldnt believe how I got myself into this situation.

I just moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream — building a business under the palm trees by the beach — and life went completely the opposite direction for me.

I KNEW I HAD to invest in myself — and I was fucking determined to do ANYTHING to be successful.

It was my calling.It was almost as if the Universe knew all along that I was supposed to share the wealth of knowledge I picked up along the way with others.

Once I started to invest in myself, things started to massively improve. I did the work, money started to flow in bigger quantities, but the results were still inconsistent.

Even when I began making $5k..$10k…$15k per month in my own business, I was still working 18 hours per day to produce these results!

I craved sustainable success. I wanted success that was fulfilling. I wanted to create massive income flows in the easiest, most resistant-free way I could think of.

And so I dug even deeper. I did more inner work.

And I sought out the mentors, the books, the courses, the seminars, and the only wealthy people I knew at the time to teach me what I was missing.

Time and time again, I was pointed to the fact that my money story was all screwed up. I was conditioned to think a certain way since childhood. I had beliefs inside me that were manifesting results that I didnt want externally.

2016 was the year I said enough is enough. I knew I was meant for more, and I was going to find a way to achieve it.

I decided to dedicate 2016 to changing my mindset around money once and for all so that I could FREE myself of my limited thinking.

I decided that 2016 would be the year that I set my shit straight.

Not only that, but I decided it would be a year of business growth, a year of fulfillment, success, and a year of me ACTUALLY applying everything I knew about manifesting and the Law of Attraction to money.

I knew the basic principles but for some reason it never worked for money… and I couldnt figure out why.

So I did the work. I worked through the resistance. I worked through the voice that kept telling me otherwise.

I ignored the voice in my head and turned on the tunnel vision to my studies.

I went from $25,000 in debt making just $400 a week in my direct sales business…

To being a 25 year old self-made multi-millionaire.

The version that is making $200k months in a business she is OBSESSED with.

The version that has theluxury travel, thedream car,thedesignercloset, the relationship, theimpact, and thelifeof herdreams.

I created this version of Kathrin who is absolutely financially free

Today, Manifestation Babe is on pace to surpass $3,000,000 this year, and keeps growingexponentially.

Thats a total of 24 months since I made the decision to master my money mindset.


The big shift is exactly what inspired me to create the Rich Babe Academy Program.

The strategies, the techniques, the alignment, the energetic mindset work… it was so revolutionary I knew I had to share it.

And so I did. I shared with those who were willing to learn.

Then I watched asTHEIR clientsfinances transformed.

Then I helped my students transform their finances too.

With every single month that passes, my finances keep getting better and better.

I have graduated over 1,000 Rich Babes from the Rich Babe Academy Program.

They know they want more of it. LOTS MORE OF IT. They know that deep inside they were meant for a life of freedom, luxury, and fulfillment.

They keep playing small. They keep sabotaging their really BIG vision of where they want to be financially. They see success, but it isnt consistent AT ALL. Its all over the place. Deep inside they know that theres a multi-millionare version of themselves in there somewhere, but are struggling to find her.

These women are running into every course, but never taking the action to CHANGE, and doing more uneccessary work that they absolutely HATE. Oh, and severely undercharging for their services and therefore underearning.

Why do we seem to be so stuck in our own ways around money?

Why do we continue with the limited thinking around money?

Arent you tired of putting a cap on how much money you can have?

I see this as a HUGE problem and I believe something needs to be done about it.

Especially since I know youre here to impact the world in a much bigger way than anything youve ever imagined possible.

Since starting my money mindset journey, Ive personally invested over $500,000 into my education, coaching, live events, seminars, books, and everything else you can possibly put your hands on when it comes to this subject.

It also took me almost two years to figure out the process of application that ACTUALLY produces consistent AND sustainableresults.

And I am still learning everyday — adding the most valuable lessons and knowledge to each round of Rich Babe Academy.

You can spend $500k and a year (or more) of your life figuring it out on your own…

Or you can come on this ride with me and have it simplified for you in just 6 weeks and not even 0.5% of the investment!

I have the results from others to PROVE you can too.

There is not a SINGLE money program youll ever need after Rich Babe Academy.

I hide no secrets from you. There are no other steps beyond Rich Babe.

I want to help you and I take my work very seriously.

If you do the work, youll see results beyond your wildest dreams.

I am committed to helping you create the million dollar version of you in less time than you think.

Im UPDATING the Rich Babe Academy program WITH YOU in this upcoming round starting February 4th.The content you see in the modules below is actually going to look slightly different when we get started. You can expect content thats even more in DEPTH, more effective, more up-to-date on everything I learned since creating version 1.0, plus so much more.

That means that this upcoming version will be LIVE & we will get to co-create it together.How exciting is that?!

Feel free to look at the breakdown per module to get an idea of what to expect… but be prepared for even more expansive money mindset content than this!

Students who sign up for RBA by February 1st at 11:59pm pacific will also get the Tapping into Massive Wealth program designed to help you release resistance around your top 5 most crippling limiting beliefs around money, wealth and abundance.As a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I will show you one of THE BEST ways to remove energetic disturbances from the body when it comes to resistance around finances (and quite honestly, any other area of your life!). This is the technique that saves me every single time from getting stuck in fear, anxiety and inaction. (This bonus is valued at $1597)

DID YOU HEAR THAT? You can win a spot at my fully SOLD OUT Bali Retreat coming up THIS March 16-23rd.We sold out the retreat months ago, but saved a spot for a lucky Rich Babe–and that lucky Rich Babe could be YOU. To qualify for this bonus, you must choose the Pay-In-Full option at checkout (already saving you over $400) AND be available to fly to Bali on these dates.Just cover your airfare and the rest is on US– food prepared by a private chef, accommodation in a luxury villa, fun excursions out in Bali, and a goodie bag with amazing spiritual products to pamper you. Not to mention spending a week with a master mindset coach who will help you manifest your wildest dreams from one of the most magical places in the world.One winner will be chosen when the cart closes on February 1st at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

My name is Kathrin Zenkina and I am SO thrilled to be your money mindset expert over the next 6 weeks.

Im the founder of Manifestation Babe® and creator of what I call theRich Babe™ process.

It is my mission that over the next 6 weeks of the program, you will become a brand new woman when it comes to your finances.

I am a Russian immigrant. My family of 5 came to the United States when I was only one-year-old, with just $900 to our names.

My family was forced to flee. We left in the middle of the night because of threats to our safety. My momma had enough of the threats to her baby, and my grandpa risked everything to help us escape.

My family risked everything…. just for me to have an opportunity in America.

I watched my parents struggle immensely, working themselves into the ground to be able to raise me in a new country — a country with a MUCH higher cost of living than what they were used to. I watched my mom put herself through nursing school living off of student loans. My dad was a dishwasher at a local restaurant making absolutely nothing. To describe their relationship as strained, is generous.

My parents worked SO hard and I am extremely blessed with how far weve come together as a family. Its with insane gratitude that I look back at my past now.

However, watching this through my lens as a child, ingrained a LOT of limiting beliefs in me. These limiting beliefs were unfortunately carried over into my adult life.

I realize that most of my money issues began before the age of 7 — the period of time when the subconscious mind accepts EVERYTHING as truth.

I heard we cant afford a lot growing up. Money was always a struggle.

I watched PENNIES get counted in order to buy basic needs.

There were times that we didnt even have enough…….for basic needs.

All of this led me to believe that money wassupposedto be a struggle. Money was supposed to beinconsistent.Success could only come fromgrueling hard work.

It was for my parents, so how could it not be the same for me?

Do you have childhood memories around money too? Did you grow up hearing & seeing certain things when it came to money?

I learned the truth about money & tapped into how money manifestation ACTUALLY works.

I took all of those limiting beliefs I picked up in my childhood and completely flipped them on their heads.

I spent the year turning to successful people (that were ACTUALLY wealthy, not just saying that they were) and modeling exactly what they were doing. I searched for the people who were THRIVING financially.

I went to seminars, events, read books, took courses, and completely submerged myself into a brand new wealth consciousness.

I started my own coaching business towards the end of 2016 dedicated to teaching other women everything that I learned.

Sharing ALL the VALUE I had invested in, and learned myself.

All the women I worked with were able to transform their finances too.

Im talking money manifested, debt completely paid off, new businesses started, massive raises in their corporate jobs, 9-5 jobs quit, and new streams of income opened that were never there before.

They finally believed in their ability to thrive financially.

Only twice a year, I open up a new round of Rich Babe Academy to women who areSERIOUSabout changing their money reality for good.

Each week we will be recording BRAND NEW 90-minute modules that have been tested, tried, and true to helping you achieve a financially abundant state of mind.

This upcoming round is a LIVE ROUND that you will have lifetime access to when the round is over.

There are 6 modules spread across the 6 weeks and each module is recorded live every Monday at 10am pacific. That leaves you with the entire week to work on your weekly implementation assignments.

After going through the module, we will hop on all together through a Facebook Livestream where I will do a private Q&A with you and the other Rich Babes to make sure you have all of your questions about the Rich Babe process answered.

You will also have access to the other Rich Babes through the private Facebook group to share wins, ask questions, and seek support. The Facebook Group stays open forever and you have LIFETIME access to all of the modules. This is the perfect opportunity to form a Rich Babe Mastermind.

I inadvertently found out from former Rich Babe Academy Graduates, that this is The most valuable way for anyone who wants to uplevel their Inner Circle with high vibe, hungry, loving friendship and support.

The group is an AMAZING place for high vibe energy, massive support, and a place to share your weekly progress… because TRUST ME there will be progress!

Youll also be getting workbooks for each module, TWO Rich Babe hypnoses to help you get to the very ROOT of where you may be stuck in your finances and reprogram your subconscious mind on an ultra deep level, as well as two Rich Babe meditations to use over the course of the 6 weeks.

My intention in the Rich Babe program is to hold you accountable for the important money mindset work.

Beware:INSANE resultswill come from doing the actionable work and continuing to repeat until mastery.

Also, should the Rich Babe program ever be modified, updated, or revamped (as it is in THIS round) you will get those updates absolutely FREE. You only have to enroll into the program once to receive lifetime support in your money mindset and manifestation journey.

I absolutely loved Kathrins Rich Babe program and it has transformed my life and my mindset significantly.I started my business 6 months before enrolling in the program and it was not until I started Rich Babe that I realized how my mindset was affecting my business and success.It is no coincidence that my highest income month was the month that I finished the program.

I am so thankful to have learned how to feel less guilty when it comes to money, but honestly, the greatest part of the program for me was listening to everything Kathrin has to say – her story, her ups and downs, the risks she has taken, and her dedication to her rich babes!My life changed significantly over the course of the program because Kathrin helped me realize how valuable I am and how much I have to offer.Putting this energy into my business has been incredibly beneficial to both me and my clients. I now have this beautiful connection with the universe and know that everything is happening FOR me, not TO me!

Ive taken all of Kathrins classes and Rich Babe Academy was a complete gamechanger for my mindset and my business.The way Kathrin breaks down money manifestation makes it so simple to understand so you can actually harness your power to open the channels to abundance. And she provides actual actions steps so you can create lifelong change.

One of my limiting beliefs was making money is hard and as a result, I tended to overcomplicate things.During the program, I created my Rich Babe self, Effortless Erica, and now Im constantly asking myself, What would Effortless Erica do? and always opt for the easier option. Its lowered my stress level and given me the tools to actually change this belief and the behaviors that were reinforcing it.Not only that, Ive been getting discovery calls up the wazoo, random checks, discounts all over the place, an unexpected affiliate marketing payout, and I made $7k in just ONE week in my business. Im taking the course over again ASAP with my husband!

Trust me youll make the investment back and then some.Take the leap. Your future self and dream life will thank you profusely.

This past December I committed to transforming my wealth consciousness and relationship with money in the first quarter of 2018. After completing Kathrins 21 Days to Unleash Your Inner Money Babe and being astounded by the results (over $6200 manifested!), and even more so, her simple, straight-forward practices, I KNEW I had to join the next round of Rich Babe.Being in Rich Babe gave me the support, skills and accountability to continue up-leveling my money mindset while being surrounded by like-minded women which is so critical when we live in a very lack and scarcity-based culture.

My relationship with money used to be filled with fear, frustration, constant struggle, the belief that there was never enough or just barely enough. I was always in a battle with money and completely over feeling like money ruled my life vs. me ruling it. Rich Babe changed that completely.The week following our last session, I was at a women in business live event and we did a number of exercises about money, many of which asked us to focus on our limiting beliefs or blocks around money, and honestly I was so happily surprised to realize that it was now actually challenging for me to think of anything negative about money!I can gratefully say that I now have a loving relationship with money and will never live in that old struggle ever again. Rich Babe has massively up-leveled my mindset around money for life!

– Haley Reese, Empowerment Coach for Visionary Women (

You can expect to have your world rocked when it comes to your outlook on money. You can expect to receive a wealth of knowledge and exact action steps to take that are curated and customized to what is most effective and efficient for you to apply. You can expect to receive an extremely safe space to be vulnerable about your current financial situation and create a plan to manifest more abundance than you could ever dream of. You will have a support network of Rich Babes who not only WANT you to succeed, but help you and support you. You can expect to access the best of the best information from Kathrin herself on exactly how she created a sustainable 7 figure income in less than two years. You can expect Rich Babe to be the very FIRST and LAST money program youll ever need to see the results you deserve to see.

This is like asking if I can guarantee youll do the work. Im not here to hold your hand and remind you why you signed up for the course on a daily basis. Im here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone because you DESERVE a better life. Ill do it with tough love if I have to because I want you to get the results you so deeply desire.

You deserve to live in a state of abundance and enjoy all the beauty and luxury that this planet has to offer you. I obviously cannot and will not guarantee results because so many factors are up to you. The amazing results that previous Rich Babe Academy Graduates have seen were due to the fact that they watched every single module, completed all of their implementation assignments, completed their homework, took massive action on what theyve learned, and surrendered the rest to the Universe.

What if I dont like the course? Do you offer any refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However, if you find that after accessing Module One that you do not like the course or dont feel like its a great fit for you, we offer a full refund ONLY until February 10th by 11:59pm pacific time. Keep in mind that by requesting a refund, we REQUIRE that you send us an email to with your COMPLETED Module One homework for proof that you at least committed to making the course work for you. We reserve the right to refuse your refund if you do not show us that you accessed and completed Module One. Under no circumstances are refunds offered after the cut-off date and time of February 10th at 11:59pm pacific time. After that date, you are responsible for making all of your payments in full.

How much support can I expect to receive from Kathrin?

There will be weekly LIVE Q&A sessions during the 6 weeks of the program to make sure that all of your Rich Babe questions are answered before moving onto the next module.

What if Im not on Facebook? Can I still participate in Rich Babe?

Absolutely! Modules and Q&A session recordings will be sent to the same email that you used to sign up for the course. Although we highly recommend at least making an account you can use JUST for the Rich Babe round to get to know the other incredible high vibe students.

Im hearing impaired. Can I still participate in Rich Babe?

Yes, of course! We make all of our videos (modules + Q&A recordings) closed captioned so that you can still follow along the course even if you are hearing impaired.

Why should I invest in Rich Babe when I can read a book and get the information for much cheaper?

Let me remind you that the knowledge I have picked up over the last 2 years has cost me over $500,000 in investment, and in my opinion, it was worth every single penny. This isnt just something you can pick up from a book because it goes to a much deeper level than any other program youll find on the market.

Let me also remind you that when you have skin in the game, you tend to value something much more than if you got it for free or basically free. By having an investment in this knowledge, youre more likely to put that fire under your ass and APPLY it. I speak from experience when I say, nothing will ramp up results faster than taking a financial leap of faith and investing majorly in your personal development.

What if I dont have the time to take the course right now?

No worries! The course will be 100% recorded for you and you will have access to all of the modules for the rest of your life. You can join the current round, but officially start the program months from now if thats what you decide! By enrolling into this current round right now, you LOCK IN the program at its current lowest price.

What if Im not on Facebook? Can I still participate in the Live February round?

Of course! Even though the modules and Q&A sessions will be recorded live inside of our Rich Babe Facebook group, they will ALL be emailed out to you as well shortly after the live is over. You will also have lifetime access to the course on our website after the round is over, completing forgoing the Facebook route. However, we highly recommend creating an account JUST for the course because the additional support is totally worth it. Like-minded friendships regularly occur inside of the group where all the members hang out, and this is the priceless piece of the Academy.

Ive decided to apply for PayPal Credit as my method of payment for this course. How does it work?

If you select the PayPal credit payment plan, you will receive the pay in full discount price of $1998. You will finance the full amount through PayPal and make payments directly through PayPal.

Once you select the PayPal credit Payment Plan, you will be directed to an order form, choose the PayPal button for checkout. A new window will open that prompts you to enter your PayPal login details.

There will be a message that says Choose a way to pay. On the purple button that says Paypal credit, you will click Apply Now. *It is important to note that this is based on approved credit. Paypal is currently offering $10 off and 0% interest if paid off in 6 months!

The next screen will ask you to confirm your billing address. It will then ask you to input some personal information. We DO NOT receive any of this information. You will then click Agree & Review Terms.

The next screen will display the Terms & Conditions. Please read these carefully. Once you have read the Terms & Conditions, you will click Agree & Apply.

There will be a final pop-up screen that asks you to Agree & Apply, please note your monthly billing statement will come directly from Paypal, not from Manifestation Babe.

The final screen will tell you if you have been approved or declined. If you are approved, please click Continue to Checkout.

Then you will click Place Order. This will take you back to the original order form. You will need to click the Checkout button. If youve been approved for Paypal credit, and you are experiencing technical issues with checkout, please contact my team,

If you were not approved for Paypal credit, you can use your credit card for the pay in full option.

What if I have more questions about the course? How can I contact you?

Feel free to shoot my team an email to ! Theyll be more than happy to make sure that Rich Babe Academy is the right fit for you.

Dear Kathrin, Im writing this note as I relax in my business class seat from LAX to Australia, a trip I manifested in the past 2 weeks.

Last year I made more money than I ever thought I could make in one year but I was so unhappy.When you said success without fulfillment is failure it resonated with me so well. It was my wake call!From the rich babe course, I learned about the higher self concept. I think I had her locked away in a closet for many years unable to hear her at all.

Getting in touch with my higher self/intuition has been a game changer.Im so happy and comfortable in my own skin which is so calming. I used to live my life walking on eggshells. No more. Im being my true authentic self every day.

In late February and during the Rich Babe course, my desires were to make $800k in 2018 (same figure as last year which in my mind was a one-off) and do lots of international travel specifically business class trips to Australia.In late March a recruiter contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a role with 30% – 40% international travel based in Australia. I live in North Carolina.I almost fell out of my chair because he mentioned Australia.

My higher self said go with the flow and not to shut down the opportunity.

The old me would have said no because its too scary, Im not qualified, long move, etc. I would have manufactured all sorts of reasons to say no.I worked on turning the fear into excitement!!

I am now traveling to Australia with my son to meet the people I interviewed with in person and tour the area to see if Im comfortable living there with my family. This opportunity is major up-leveling or big leap for me. I would be the CFO of a $100 billion business.