Exploring, Researching, & Conserving a World of Biodiversity

Exploring, Researching, & Conserving a World of Biodiversity

providing a TRAnsformative educational experience

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BioTECH prepared me for college by providing me with a unique learning environment in which I was able to learn hands-on to aid me in better understanding concepts. This school gave me the chance to take college level courses in high school and made it so simple for me when I started college. BioTECH truly opened my mind to so much and it is because of the school and its teachers that my first semester of college was a success.

In collaboration with practicing scientists at our partner institutions,

students at BioTECH learn science by conducting authentic, student-driven, scientific research studies to further the body of knowledge related to the conservation of plants and animals on our Earth.

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‪You know when students ask Why do we need to know this? We dont!!! It doesnt get any more applicable and REAL than this! Our Seniors, like Donavan, get hands-on experiences through academic internships @zoomiami. Thanks Zoo Vet team for mentoring! ‬

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