You cant always watch a movie that makes you think. Sometimes I like to shut down and watch mind numbing nonsense, however this list is not about that. This list is for all the times Ive wanted to live like the rich and famous, and heres where I got the inspiration from.

These are the movies that will make you wish you had a jacuzzi filled with dollar bills, instead of a balti-lota in your bathroom.

In ordinary circumstances I would have said Clueless, but its Indian counterpart, Aisha isnt so far from the rich and spoilt mark. Rumor has it that the movie went over budget just for Ms Kapoors wardrobe. Apart from the wardrobe, did anyone notice the Beatle, because I for one came and googled it, and I think I have a better chance riding an actual beatle than the car.

These rich lads are basically channeling first world problems through the movie and everyone loved it. No surprises there. They go on this huge-ass vacation to spain and celebrate a bachelor party. Clearly a bachelor party in Aishwarya Bar is nothing in comparison (Yes, I know people). They drink lots of wine, crush tomatoes, throw away phones, hire cars and basically chill with really beautiful women in super lavish looking hotels. Its a treat alright.

It started out as a TV series and now there are two whole movies about it. These women earn a whole lot of money and spend it on amazing wardrobe, houses that make mine look like a shoebox, vacations that make my trip to Nashik seem worthless and sassy cocktails that make my rum and coke look boring.

If money did grow on trees, which my mom assures me it doesnt, that tree would be called The Great Gatsby. A movie where jewellery has more bling than the spotlight, where the rich and famous gamble with more than their dough and the place where The American Dream comes true.

Now you must be like, WTF. But dont worry, its probably because you missed Mr Rahul pulling up in his own fucking helicopter, probably because you were wondering WTF is going on with Jaya. But then you take a tour of the Raichand mansion, vase included and youre like, yeah, this makes sense. And usually when a son runs away from home, he doesnt have enough money to go to Bandra, forget going to London.

Drugs, money, alcohol all of it in one movie, what does it sum up to? MONEY. This dude has a yacht! A freaking yacht, I dont even own a fishermans boat. The Business as they call Wall Street, is clearly giving them back more than our country is making.

Its the snazzy life of a journalist turned politician. There was even a point where he married the niece of the President of The United States. Its a rags to riches story with some underlying suspense, Its really worth watching, since it was thought to be one of the best movies of its time.

Its the underworlds answer to a lavish life. This dude quits school to become a mobster, hes so wired by the money he makes that he cant stop. So later he turns into a druglord. Now you can only imagine the money he makes, because its clearly enough to win him a really hot wife.

So the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Legally Blonde, may not be rich. Because youre busy focusing on the Bimbo to Smartass transition. But did you ever stop to think, where the hell she got such a nice car, that huge mansion, clothes that I would die for and hair that needs a lot of money to be that well- kept. Yes, thats right, daddy dearest.

I am not even going to talk about Andrea, Im talking about Miranda. Its the one of the movies that shows the ugly side of being rich and famous. The other end of the stick where money trumps family, relationships and responsibility. Its all about the job. And its portrayed brilliantly against the juxtaposition of Andreas life.

Shes everything royal thats absolutely wrong. Shes known for partying, spending all her money on clothes that look absolutely stunning and basically having an affair. She was Queen of France with more fucks to give about her social calendar than her subjects. Her lifes a party and its fun to watch!

Hes the superhero Id want to be. Can we talk about his super huge mansion, I mean with the cost of property that is pretty stellar. But hes no ordinary superhero, he has his own company! Hes got enough money to make himself as many Iron Man suits as he wants.

I mean the movie is about a Millionaire in New York, how much more lavish could this get? Hes basically getting into this arranged marriage thing with another rich person, but he falls for a regular Joe and honestly I think its pretty cute. But see the old one, not the 2011 version of it.

This dude is a movie star and hes aiming for better PR. So he goes out on dates, unlike a normal person, lives in his own world and thinks of only himself. The reason I love this movie so much is because of the staunch difference between Tad and Pete.

I love Meg Cabot, the author to this series, so I wont lie about the partiality to this one. But this movie is literally about a Princess, living in a castle, having sleepovers with other rich people and mattress boarding on a huge staircase. Its got everything you can expect, a blinding collection of crowns, cute dogs, lots of househelp, hot boys and much more.

So which one are you planning to watch and feel bad about your miserable life?

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